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ITAC maintains a core team of industry engineering professionals that you can trust to get the job done right.  Most of our senior engineers and project managers have migrated to ITAC from the industries we serve.  Many are former plant maintenance and production engineers that bring to ITAC the important operations details necessary to make our customers and their capital investments a success. 

Our mix of production and design engineers makes for a strong and versatile team to assist your organization with project engineering and/or construction and start-up work.

ITAC's core team of industry engineers provides our clients with hundreds of years of combined manufacturing industry experience.  ITAC was founded on the premise that industrial manufacturers no longer can afford to maintain the large engineering and "turn around" staffs that prevailed throughout the much of the 20th century.  Our employees are recognized for the value that they bring to hundreds of customers from dozens of different industrial markets.  We define the service with you, we deliver the service to you, and then we move on to the next opportunity.  We care very much about earning your repeat business, at the same time we want to be there only when you need us.  Our 20+ years in the engineering, construction, and maintenance businesses have taken us to manufacturing facilities around the world a few times and throughout the central US to hundreds, if not thousands, of manufacturing locations.

 In addition to the industries listed previously, ITAC has experience in metals and steel refineries, seafood processing, polymer processing, turbine manufacturing, printer and copier manufacturing, and a host of other manufacturing facilities.  Chances are if you are in the manufacturing industry and require professional engineering or construction services, ITAC can offer the support of an experienced team that can assist with your need. 

ITAC has extensive experience in engineering, designing, and constructing projects for the largest tobacco processors and suppliers in the world. These companies continue to be significant ITAC business partners as we evolve to suit the changing tobacco processing and cigarette/cigar manufacturing markets in the US. ITAC engineers have played critical roles in countless success stories with mechanical/HVAC, electrical power and distribution, process controls, automation and programming, and a variety of architectural and structural projects in numerous tobacco facilities.

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Our Electrical and Controls Department, including 30+ electrical engineers and designers with an accumulated 200 years of engineering, design and construction experience in the fields of power distribution, industrial process control, and process automation, specializes in electrical and control systems and software development to serve the power generation industry. 


From basic 120V-230V facility electrical systems design, to some of our more specialized services including expertise in SCADA and HMI systems, design of resistance-grounded power systems, coordination studies, arc flash and shock hazard analyses (per NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584), ground fault analyses, and emergency and standby power systems design, ITAC engineers have proven experience in each of these areas critical to the power industry.

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Richard Starnes
Sr. Vice President
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ITAC believes strongly in investing in the future of the biofuels industry, and we have over 100 years combined biofuels experience to prove it. Our goal in designing facilities is to use all derivatives of the biofuels process—meaning there is no waste. Every byproduct of our process is funneled into different revenue streams.

 We believe that developing ways to produce more clean-burning, renewable sources of fuel is not only important to the environment, but also to our country and to our business. By reducing our dependence on oil and investing in ethanol and other biofuels, we decrease harmful air emissions and reduce the transfer of wealth to foreign oil providers.

ITAC is focused in three biofuels industries: Wood Pellets, Biodiesel, and Ethanol.

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ITAC's origins are in the chemical process and manufacturing markets.  ITAC's founders began their careers in the chemical business and still today many of our senior managers and engineers are transplants from the chemicals market.

 Since our inception in 1988, capital and maintenance project engineering and construction for a variety of chemical manufacturing industries continues to be an ITAC core business.  Our training in the production, process, and maintenance engineering roles gives us invaluable insight as to what is important to our chemical manufacturing customers.  Because of this experience, ITAC fully appreciates the need for both quality and timeliness as we prepare construction packages and install process systems and equipment for our customers.  A thorough knowledge of the various materials - fluids, gaskets, metals, etc. found in today's chemical factories - plus an appreciation for maintenance and reliability of new capital projects  - brings the value to our customers that they have come to expect from ITAC.

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ITAC's core team of Pulp & Paper industry engineers lead our design teams to provide our clients with over 200 years of pulp and paper mill experience.  We have senior engineers serving in both project management and technical discipline roles that provide our clients with difficult-to-find expertise important to the safe and successful execution of capital improvements in our customers' mills. 

 ITAC's Pulp & Paper mill experiences include electrical power and controls upgrades, mechanical piping, process, and machinery improvements, and structural evaluations and repairs.  Extensive employment and experience with International Paper, the Bear Island Paper Mill, and the two central Virginia Stone Container mills brings years of technical and practical mill know-how to the ITAC organization.  Our talent with controls systems and converting DCS, PLC, and SCADA systems has proven itself many times over.  

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Several of ITAC's chemical/process engineers are veterans of the pharmaceutical intermediary manufacturing industry.  Engineers with combinations of direct employment and long-term project assignments within the pharmaceutical markets allow ITAC to bring the most informed services to our customers.   Work with Wyeth (now Pfizer), BI Chemicals, Abbott Labs, Barr Labs, and others has proven time and again ITAC's value to the various elements of the pharmaceutical industries. 

 Our engineers have developed batch reaction processing designs, designs for systems involving glass-lined reactors, purified water and sanitary sewage systems, and recipe management systems.  Another important service that we offer to our pharmaceutical customers is process validation.  Several of our engineers are trained and experienced with cGMP design and with its validation. 

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ITAC has assembled a strong engineering team to address one of our faster growing markets: the food and beverage industry. Our goal is to provide value-adding design services to help our clients meet the constantly changing demands of their consumers.  Our engineers are equipped with extensive knowledge of FDA requirements current Good Manufacturing Practices - cGMP - and bring that knowledge to our customers' process improvement and factory infrastructure projects.

 Our engineers and our installers - mechanical, electrical, and civil/structural  - are experienced with the process requirements critical to the food and beverage industries.  Unique requirements, for example sanitary piping and clean-in-place methods and systems, are second nature to ITAC's food and beverage project teams.

To further demonstrate its leading capabilities in industrial services, ITAC founded its subsidiary, Wood Fuel Developers LLC (WFD), in 2010. ITAC designed, engineered and retrofitted a particle board plant in Waverly, Virginia, to create what is now one of the largest wood pellet manufacturers on the East Coast, with an annual production capacity of over 100,000 tons.


WFD has since developed its own EasyPellet Products line, featuring 100% natural alternatives to fossil fuels and synthetic products.

EasyPellet Products include:

With the exception of EasyBlaze Blend, which is a hardwood/softwood blend, all EasyPellet Products are made from the highest quality softwood (100% Southern Yellow Pine). We understand that it is our duty to do everything we can to sustain the environment, so our pellets are made from by-products of the lumber industry, ensuring that no new trees are destroyed. WFD is proud to serve both the domestic and European markets with these environmentally-friendly products. 


After much success with WFD, ITAC is looking for more opportunities to design, build, and develop mills east of the Mississippi River.  Please contact us should your company share in this interest.