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Richard Starnes
Sr. Vice President
(804) 414-1126

ITAC believes strongly in investing in the future of the biofuels industry, and we have over 100 years combined biofuels experience to prove it. Our goal in designing facilities is to use all derivatives of the biofuels process—meaning there is no waste. Every byproduct of our process is funneled into different revenue streams.

 We believe that developing ways to produce more clean-burning, renewable sources of fuel is not only important to the environment, but also to our country and to our business. By reducing our dependence on oil and investing in ethanol and other biofuels, we decrease harmful air emissions and reduce the transfer of wealth to foreign oil providers.

ITAC is focused in three biofuels industries: Wood Pellets, Biodiesel, and Ethanol.



What We Offer the Biofuels/Renewable Fuels Industry

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Proforma Data
  • Feed Stock Assessment and Market Availability
  • Site Evaluation and Selection
  • Risk Management
  • Phase One and Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment
  • Regulatory Permitting (EPA Air Permits Application)   
  • Technology Assessment and Development (link to Technology engineering and design landing page)
  • Direct and Finished Goods Material Flows
  • Process Flows and Volumes
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction

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