A Family of Engineering and Construction Services


ITAC's origins are in the chemical process and manufacturing markets.  ITAC's founders began their careers in the chemical business and still today many of our senior managers and engineers are transplants from the chemicals market.

 Since our inception in 1988, capital and maintenance project engineering and construction for a variety of chemical manufacturing industries continues to be an ITAC core business.  Our training in the production, process, and maintenance engineering roles gives us invaluable insight as to what is important to our chemical manufacturing customers.  Because of this experience, ITAC fully appreciates the need for both quality and timeliness as we prepare construction packages and install process systems and equipment for our customers.  A thorough knowledge of the various materials - fluids, gaskets, metals, etc. found in today's chemical factories - plus an appreciation for maintenance and reliability of new capital projects  - brings the value to our customers that they have come to expect from ITAC.


 With over 150 years of chemical process, films, plastics, semiconductors, and fibers experience, our process engineers play leading roles in our project execution model, helping customers to define their process changes and expansions while guiding our design teams to meet your technical challenges.  Beginning with process engineering and project scope development and including all aspects of project management, design, installation, commissioning and start-up, ITAC is ready to assist with your chemical plant needs.  


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