A Family of Engineering and Construction Services


ITAC's core team of industry engineers provides our clients with hundreds of years of combined manufacturing industry experience.  ITAC was founded on the premise that industrial manufacturers no longer can afford to maintain the large engineering and "turn around" staffs that prevailed throughout the much of the 20th century.  Our employees are recognized for the value that they bring to hundreds of customers from dozens of different industrial markets.  We define the service with you, we deliver the service to you, and then we move on to the next opportunity.  We care very much about earning your repeat business, at the same time we want to be there only when you need us.  Our 20+ years in the engineering, construction, and maintenance businesses have taken us to manufacturing facilities around the world a few times and throughout the central US to hundreds, if not thousands, of manufacturing locations.

 In addition to the industries listed previously, ITAC has experience in metals and steel refineries, seafood processing, polymer processing, turbine manufacturing, printer and copier manufacturing, and a host of other manufacturing facilities.  Chances are if you are in the manufacturing industry and require professional engineering or construction services, ITAC can offer the support of an experienced team that can assist with your need.