A Family of Engineering and Construction Services


Several of ITAC's chemical/process engineers are veterans of the pharmaceutical intermediary manufacturing industry.  Engineers with combinations of direct employment and long-term project assignments within the pharmaceutical markets allow ITAC to bring the most informed services to our customers.   Work with Wyeth (now Pfizer), BI Chemicals, Abbott Labs, Barr Labs, and others has proven time and again ITAC's value to the various elements of the pharmaceutical industries. 

 Our engineers have developed batch reaction processing designs, designs for systems involving glass-lined reactors, purified water and sanitary sewage systems, and recipe management systems.  Another important service that we offer to our pharmaceutical customers is process validation.  Several of our engineers are trained and experienced with cGMP design and with its validation. 


 Ranging from structural repairs to basic utility upgrades to the more complex clean room and cGMP driven process improvements, ITAC has the experience to take on a broad range of pharmaceutical plant improvements. 


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