A Family of Engineering and Construction Services

To further demonstrate its leading capabilities in industrial services, ITAC founded its subsidiary, Wood Fuel Developers LLC (WFD), in 2010. ITAC designed, engineered and retrofitted a particle board plant in Waverly, Virginia, to create what is now one of the largest wood pellet manufacturers on the East Coast, with an annual production capacity of over 100,000 tons.


WFD has since developed its own EasyPellet Products line, featuring 100% natural alternatives to fossil fuels and synthetic products.

EasyPellet Products include:

With the exception of EasyBlaze Blend, which is a hardwood/softwood blend, all EasyPellet Products are made from the highest quality softwood (100% Southern Yellow Pine). We understand that it is our duty to do everything we can to sustain the environment, so our pellets are made from by-products of the lumber industry, ensuring that no new trees are destroyed. WFD is proud to serve both the domestic and European markets with these environmentally-friendly products. 


After much success with WFD, ITAC is looking for more opportunities to design, build, and develop mills east of the Mississippi River.  Please contact us should your company share in this interest.