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At ITAC we know that project success often requires more than expertise in engineering disciplines and construction crafts.  Project success in today's global marketplace requires management that is flexible, agile, innovative and disciplined with proven practices in order to produce a quality product or service for a competitive price. 

ITAC developed the APM™ Program (Assured Project Management) to help ensure predictable quality results at a predictable cost.  Many of our project managers come from our client industries and we rely on that experience to adapt our APM™ accordingly.  The flexible nature of APM™ offers the best fit for your company and brings the skills and capabilities of ITAC together in a coordinated effort that maximizes project value and time-efficiency based upon the specific job. 

APM™ Project Phases and Services

  • Feasibility Studies and Scoping
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Constructability Review
  • Construction Planning
  • Construction
  • System Check-Out
  • Commissioning
  • Turn-Over