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Greg Sweeney
Regional Manager of On-Site Services
(804) 414-1231

Site Resource Placement (SRP), one of ITAC's fastest growing divisions, offers our clients the advantages of hiring an experienced engineer or designer without the commitment to long-term employment.  Today's project demands often require the short to mid-term on-site assistance of skilled project engineers, construction engineers, discipline engineers and/or designers.  To meet these needs, our SRP department evaluates the specific skill sets required, identifies candidates with backgrounds that match the needs, and brings the candidate and the customer together.  We focus on your project budget, scope, and schedule requirements and develop a simple, cost-efficient solution for your project needs.  

 Our SRP solution is designed to lower your project costs.  Our SRP solution saves our customers the time and energy associated with finding qualified resources and arranging for direct and full-time employment.  We minimize the time and costs devoted to finding qualified personnel, recruiting them, and affording their full-time payroll and benefits.